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About us

The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation represent about 30 000 family forest owners.

The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation was founded in 1913, and is the central organisation for four regional cooperatives. The regional cooperatives cover almost the whole of Norway and represent about 30 000 family forest owners, with a market share of approximately 80 percent of the timber market.

The regional cooperatives:

Glommen Mjøsen Skog

Viken Skog

AT Skog


The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation

The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation works with Forestry Policy, Climate Policy, Ownership Rights and other topics related to Forestry.  We represent the forest owners’ interests towards the government and other official authorities, politicians and media. We work closely together with other organisations engaged in the same topics, and together with the forest based industry.

The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation host the secretariat for PEFC Norway. We were one of the founding fathers of PEFC International, and sustainable forest management is of great importance to us.

The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation is also engaged internationally:

A close cooperation between the Nordic family forest owners’ national organisations started in 1946, when Nordic Family Forestry (Nordiska Skogsägarorganisationernas Förbund) was founded. Since 1995, Nordic Family Forestry has been represented at EU level in Brussels by a joint lobbying office, the Bureau of Nordic Family Forestry.

Bureau of Nordic Family Forestry is situated in the middle of the EU Quarter, and works with and through the CEPF (Confederation of European Forest Owners) as the umbrella organisation of European family forest owners to represent the interests of Nordic forest owners towards EU institutions, the forest based and related industries, and other organisations active in this field.

The Norwegian Forest Owners’ Federation is also a member of the IFFA, The International Family Forestry Alliance, which is the voice of family forestry worldwide. The IFFA’s objective is to promote the development of family forestry and advocate supportive policies.

If we use more wood instead of extract oil, we can get lower CO₂ emissions.